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NETSYS GROUP USA surface raceway system is a one piece latching duct designed to contain, route and protect wire and cable when it is not feasible to run it within the wall. It is manufactured from a 94 V-0 PVC and features a superior adhesive which conforms to most any surface. Designed with a flexible hinge, the raceway allows numerous openings without creating discoloration or stress cracking. The self-locking, hidden positive latch allows for quick re-entry as well as secure installation of wire and cable.

Surface Raceway

NETSYS GROUP USA low voltage raceway is a one piece, non-metallic, adhesive backed latching raceway designed to aesthetically organize and route communications wires including high speed UTP cable and fiber optic cable from the telecommunications room to the work area.

  • Tamper resistant, self-locking, hidden positive latch permits quick re-entry as well as providing
  • Fittings incorporate a minimum 1" bend radius per TIA/EIA-568-B and 569-A standards
  • Rubber-based foam tape adhesive with high ultimate bond strength conforms to any surface
  • Flexible hinge allows the raceway to endure numerous openings without creating discoloration or stress cracking
  • Manufactured from UL 94V-0 rated PVC material